Parent Support Group


Most people have experienced a type of trauma at some point in their lives. While adults may easily recognize some experiences as traumatic, children have little insight into how to process or express a possible trauma. Trauma symptoms in children are often exposed through disruptive and/or concerning behaviors such as, irritability, social withdrawal, nightmares, anxiety or impulsivity, problems with concentration or attention, sleep disturbances, avoidance (especially of people, places or activities associated with the trauma), persistent worry that the world is unsafe, and/or attachment issues.

Although trauma is easier to spot in adulthood it may be tougher to treat, therefore, addressing issues in childhood can create an opportunity for healing early on. In this group you will learn to apply evidence-based techniques to help your little one and receive resources that will inform and enhance the learning experience.
Parent Support Group

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8 Week Group - Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

SUMMER GROUP: Begins June 2, 2022

FALL GROUP: Begins September 8, 2022

WINTER GROUP: Begins January 12, 2022

SPRING GROUP: Begins March 2, 2023

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Please note that signing up for this group is a commitment and you will be required to attend at least 6 of the sessions in order for you and others in the group to experience the full benefit.