Parent Support Group


Have you and your little one experienced the impact of a toxic relationship? Maybe you want to understand how to make better decisions in your relationships and how it could be impacting your kid(s). Maybe you are wondering how toxic familial relationships impact the future for your kiddo(s) and the structure of your family. If your little one has seen or is currently experiencing the impact of strained relationships and you have a lot of extra questions you would like to share in a group experience with others who may be asking the same questions, then this might be the group for you!

Many of us have noticed how our relationships with others may be having a negative impact on our kiddos, or we have neglected our own thoughts and ideas over the opinions of others’ ideas when it comes to our kiddos, or maybe we have noticed cycles in our family that we genuinely want to break for the sake of our children, but we just do not know how. How do our relational decisions impact a child’s development and their mental health? If you would like to strengthen your familial relationships to help your child’s development, understand how your own boundary setting impacts your child’s development and their ability to have healthy relationships in the future, or maybe just seek a better understanding of family dynamics as it relates to child development, please consider reaching out!
Parent Support Group


In this group, resources will be collected and provided from experts in the field of marriage and family,, Psychology Today, Bronfenbrenner child development theory, and so many others.

The goal is to meet the group members where they are and provide information where the need is. This group is likely a great fit for adults who care for children of any age, but it is focused on providing support, encouragement and empowerment for caregivers and parents who care for kids from birth to age 11.


• How you are not alone, and it is okay to ask questions
• How modeling healthy boundaries teaches children self-protection and choice
• How an assertive and empowered response demonstrates respect and responsibility and how this relates to your child
• The importance of understanding family dynamics and how it impacts your kiddo
• How relationships play a role in parenting and impact your child’s development
• Ways to share personal experiences in a supportive group atmosphere and how we can support one another
• Ways to access more helpful information long after the group ends specific to the child

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8 Week Group - Thursdays at 7:00 pm

SUMMER GROUP: Begins June 1, 2022

FALL GROUP: Begins September 7, 2022

WINTER GROUP: Begins January 11, 2022

SPRING GROUP: Begins March 1, 2023

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Please note that signing up for this group is a commitment and you will be required to attend at least 6 of the sessions in order for you and others in the group to experience the full benefit.